Monday, June 7, 2010

Yes, I'm still accepting work

This my blog is part candid diary, part a tribute to great photography done by other people I admire (especially cool vids), and part about my own photography business.

From the calls I've received the last few days (a few people asked if I'm still accepting work), I think my introspective comments may confuse the people that are new to me.

Plus, I'm a little surprised by who is actually reading my blog. (I guess some of those hits are coming from people other than me and my wife after all.)

I'm still in business. I love photography. I love doing your portraits, etc.

Maybe, one day I may separate these different reasons I blog to make this blog strictly a advertisement and marketing organ (Randall Douglas Photography Rulez!), but until then just disregard anything that sounds like a diary entry as moody late night ramblings.


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