Sunday, January 31, 2010

100 places to remember

This story is important for two reasons:

First, these are places (many not in Al Gore's powerpoint) that may not be the first places (unlike the dramatic pictures we see coming in from Bangladesh, Glacier National park, Kilimanjaro, Arctic, Antarctica, New Orleans, or Greenland) we think of when considering the effects of global warming, but these areas will be forever changed if predictions are accurate.

Secondly, the Getty photographs from people like National Geographic journalist, Sarah Leen, are amazing, and make the case for continuation of premium stock by the best photographers. As good as some of the d00des are getting on flickr, for me this story really makes the case for top shelf, well-practiced photos from seasoned photographers. Not as poignant as the loss of glaciers and rising seas...but certainly, if premium stock goes away, our experience as readers is diminished.


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