Friday, August 14, 2009

44 Cool Images: Why it Sometimes Pays to Look at Your Flickr Stats

I like to use flickr, and I sometimes post my images to specific flickr groups whenever I want people of a particular bent to take a look at my images. By looking at the referring link stats in flickr, I can usually tell which Web sites are linking to my images.

I generally like when sites link to the work, but I do get pissed when they illegally appropriate the files -- maybe even modify them in a way I totally hate -- and then publish them on their commercial sites without talking to me or giving me attribution. But that's a completely different topic.... Although, it's nice when people link to me and tell me they are doing it, few people take the time to let you know when they are linking to you these days.

That's why you need to use an image sharing service that records referring links. As in this case, where my image was featured on the LIGHTING ESSENTIALS For Photographers site:

44 Very Cool Images from the LE Flickr Pool


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