Thursday, January 5, 2012

Portrait Session

I'm working on a portrait project and will accept one person who may be reading my blog, twitter or facebook. You will receive one picture from the session. The sessions will take place in the next couple weeks (between 1/9- 1/20/12) and will take a little longer on concept lighting etc before any actual picture taking begins (ie., probably resulting in a strong picture, but taking more time than you might ordinarily expect for one picture).

The idea behind this one is both making the picture on the spot, but also a slow more thoughtful portrait concentrating on one image. If you don't like sitting around waiting or don't want to collaborate all that much, this may not be the session for you. If you want lots of pictures rather than one good one, also this isn't a session for you (that's what I usually do, but the idea of this project is to take a break from that).

I usually ask permission, but I'm pretty sure the best photos from this project will be published (at least on the web or potentially some other format or work).

If you are interested email me: You may be required to travel if you are not close by.

Update: filled. Thanks.


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